March 21, 2011

1,215 Years of Experience Guide ACAC Executive Meeting

The American council for Accredited Certification held its annual Executive Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.  In attendance were certification board members representing 23 states, as well as National Advisory Board members and the entire ACAC staff.  The group brought a total of 1,215 years of field experience to the deliberations, for an average of nearly 21 years experience per attendee.

In addition to ruling on several certification applications, the boards met to suggest global changes to ACAC's programs, review policies and procedures and discuss the scope of ACAC's certification offerings.  Certification boards also participated in a formal Job Task Analysis workshop and a psychometric review of the ACAC exam item banks.

Outstanding Response to Grandfathering Opportunity

ACAC is pleased to report strong interest in its certification programs in Strutural Drying and Environmental Thermography.  These programs are open for grandfathering until November 2011.  Grandfather candidates are exempt from the ACAC certification exam (but must meet all other eligibility requirements).  Visit the ACAC website for more information on our structural drying and thermography designations.

Marketing Aids for Certificants

Click here to download a short brochure outlining the advantages of hiring ACAC-certified professionals. This 1/3 page flyer can easily be inserted into estimates, direct mail campaigns or other correspondence.

Charlie Wiles, executive director

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