June 2, 2011


Today we can say it’s easy and it’s fast because it’s simple!  Our new website should take no more than two or three clicks to find the solutions to your certification needs.  We are very proud of the new website and believe you will find it easier than ever to use it as a marketing tool for your ACAC certifications.  Your clients can not only verify you hold an ACAC accredited certification, they can explore the reasons why an ACAC accredited certification is the only professional credential specific to the indoor air quality industry.  Why not try it now?

Reminder:  If your website has hyperlinks to the ACAC website, please check the links and update them as soon as possible.


Today we can say we are going more “green” than ever!  Our new billing system now sends certification invoices by email.  The email contains a link which can be used to access your current invoice, print it and/or save it as a PDF.  As we continue to use this billing system, you’ll find it also maintains the billing history (beginning now) and allows you to notify us of changes in your contact information.  

Additionally, you can use the secure link to pay your invoice via credit card – no more calling our office during business hours to give us your credit card information, unless you want to continue that practice. 

Reminder:  Be sure to add to your email “safe” list..


Since candidates do not have to take a course to become certified by ACAC, our examinations are based on industry knowledge.  Unlike training certificates, they are not limited to course content. 

Charlie Wiles, executive director

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