April 19, 2011

Winners vs. Losers!

Soon, those in our legal system will readily understand the quality of credentials in the IAQ industry.  ACAC is developing a marketing program intended to educate judges, lawyers and paralegals about the vast differences between our accredited professional certifications and those certificates given for attending a certification training course.

Soon those in our legal system will come to understand how they can use ACAC accredited credentials to support their causes.  ACAC accredited certifications can make the difference between winning and losing a case.

If you have a favorite legal professional in your database, please forward the contact information to us.

Major Website Changes Coming!

Consumers, candidates, certificants and the curious will soon be able to surf a faster, friendlier ACAC website.  The new website designs will allow them to go anywhere within the website in three clicks or less.  We expect to launch the new website within a few weeks.

Did You Know?


Going, going – gone green!  During the past five years, ACAC has converted the paper files contained in more than 7000 manila folders into electronic files - eliminating more than 132 file drawers of paper!  And now all faxes - even if you fax us a paper document - arrive in our office in an electronic form.     

Charlie Wiles, executive director

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