October 27, 2011


Testing Center Repels Cyber Attack

On October 26, a hacker attempted to access account passwords at Kryterion, Inc., which hosts ACAC’s online testing center.  Though unsuccessful, the attack caused the Kryterion system to send password notification emails to many ACAC certificants.

Kryterion’s state-of-the-art security system withstood this attack and prevented the loss of any information.  Kryterion engineers quickly fixed the security issue that generated the emails, and officials have located the IP address of the attacker. 

Meanwhile, some ACAC certificants have taken the opportunity to update their contact information and passwords by logging into the ACAC online testing center at http://www.webassessor.com/iaq and clicking the “change password” link.

The ACAC online testing center allows certificants to earn Recertification Credits (RCs) by reading industry texts.  Short open-book tests, administered online at home or office, provide verification of the reading and a record of credits earned.  Delivered at the test taker’s convenience at an average of $15 per RC, online reading tests are easier and cheaper than traveling to a convention, conference or training course.  Currently the ACAC testing center offers almost 200 RCs – or 10 years worth of recertification credits!  Click the testing center hyperlink above to earn RCs or create a free account. 

You can also visit the ACAC website at http://www.acac.org to find links, logos, brochures and other materials to help you market your certification. 

Charlie Wiles, executive director

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