August 23, 2011

The End Is Coming!

The end of the grandfathering period for a number of American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) specialty certifications is now just 16 weeks away.  If you have field experience, now is the time to apply for an accredited certification in the fields of structural drying, infrared thermography or infection control.  For further information, contact Phyllis at 888-808-8381 or

RIA Added to Recertification Credits

Membership in the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) has been added to the ACAC recertification (RC) application.  Those ACAC certificants who are members of IAQA, EIA or RIA are eligible for four (4) RCs for each year of membership during their certification period.

What Makes ACAC Exams Unique in the IAQ Industry?

  1. The only third-party accredited exams specifically to the IAQ industry.
  2. The only exams based on industry texts rather than on training courses.
  3. The only exams available from a totally independent certification body.
  4. The only exams developed by industry experts with no financial interest.
  5. The only exams in compliance with AERA, APA and NCME standards.
  6. The only exams administered electronically at world-wide secure proctoring centers.
  7. The only exams with electronic randomization of test questions and answers.
  8. The only exams that are not training certificates (ANSI/NOCA Standard 1100).

Did You Know?

The ACAC offices are normally closed on Friday afternoons and this year they will also be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 5th.

Charlie Wiles, executive director

American Council for Accredited Certification | Post Office Box 11599 | Glendale, AZ  85318-1599
(888) 808-8381 |

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