September 27, 2011

Web Marketing:

In order for your website to appear in search results on Google, Bing and other search engines, you need other websites to link to you.  These “inbound links” are a crucial part of your website’s exposure in the marketplace.

You can get an inbound link from ACAC by inserting HTML code in your homepage.  These lines will place two items on your website:  an attractive image of your certification logo and a hyperlink to the ACAC website.  What will be visible on your website will be similar to my own CIEC logo below.

Once you’ve published the code, simply send us the web address of your homepage showing the ACAC certification logo, and we’ll publish a link to that page on the ACAC website.  This way we’ll both gain an inbound link and higher visibility in the search engines.  

URL Changes to ACAC Website:

If your website previously linked to the ACAC website, please check your hyperlinks as we have changed some of our URL headers to be more descriptive for search engines.

Navigation Changes to ACAC Website:

We have recently updated our website navigation making it easier to find ACAC logos, marketing materials and other downloads.

Have You Updated?

Your website should no longer contain expired certifications or references to IAQA or IESO as your certification body.  If you need assistance in website wording, please email

Did You Know?

ACAC certifications are independent from all membership organizations, but belonging to various membership organizations helps you maintain your accredited certification.

Charlie Wiles, executive director

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