October 10, 2011

Walking Green!

There are those who talk the talk and then there are those who walk the walk.  Well, ACAC is not only “talking green,” we’re really “walking green!” 

Our more than one-hundred-twenty (120) filing cabinet drawers stuffed with paper files have been shredded after being converted to digital electronic files.  On to the next step!

Effective immediately, no more paper!  All new certification applications and supporting documents, along with all re-certification applications and supporting documents, must be submitted to ACAC electronically.  That’s not difficult since email attachments are electronic.  If you can’t scan your submittals, just send them toll-free as a fax to 888-894-3590.  You still won’t be creating paper because our faxes are automatically converted to an electronic (PDF) format.

ACAC certification and re-certification fee payments are easily made online using our secure internet payment page.  All you need is your invoice number and the amount you are paying.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express 24/7/365 at http://www.acac.org/payments/payments.aspx

Think of it!  No trees are harmed in becoming certified or re-certified.  No water is polluted in the name of paper-processing.  You pay no postage, no FedEx fees, no UPS fees.  In fact, there are no costs associated with sending in your documentation and paying online.  You'll probably even get some kind of reward points from your credit card company.  That’s really green – green in your pocket!

Grandfathering Reminder

The grandfathering period for ACAC’s infrared thermography, structural drying and infection control certifications expires at the end of the year.  It’s just 75 days until Christmas, so don’t put off grandfathering into these accredited certifications until the busy holiday season.

Marketing Help Available

ACAC helps you market your professional certification by providing marketing ideas, logos, videos and hyperlinks.  See http://www.acac.org/downloads/marketing.aspx

Did You Know?

Our accreditation requires ACAC certificants to re-certify every two years.  The re-certification must be completed before the expiration date.  Certificants whose certifications have expired may re-certify - without taking an examination - if they apply within 90 days following the expiration.  The only exceptions to this rule are active military duty and medical disabilities.

Charlie Wiles, executive director

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