July 29, 2011

When Everyone is Licensed

When Everyone Is Licensed

When everyone in your state becomes licensed, the ACAC accredited certifications become even more valuable as a marketing tool as they distinguish you from all others.  ACAC certification is more than just testing – it involves verification of field experience followed by an awarding process conducted by a board of peers.     

Infection Control as a Specialty

Infection Control has become a specialty in more areas than just hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) has an accredited certification program that recognizes those with knowledge and expertise involving infection control investigations and/or remediation in the built environment.  For more information on infection control certifications, go to http://www.acac.org/certify/programs.aspx

Did You Know?

ACAC has the only independent, third-party accredited certification programs in the indoor air quality industry?  Is that important?  Ask your attorney!

Charlie Wiles, executive director



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