Doug Karr Cheated... Can You?

The Hoosier Hullabaloo award was designed to honor an upstanding member of the Indiana business community. So, how did the clear leader get himself DQ'ed in a matter of days? He cheated! But, what you should be really asking yourself is how did he manage to get over 3500 votes in the process?

Being the honorable man he is, Doug came clean in his blog post "How I Raised a Hullabaloo." And, while there is a bit of tech wizardy he obviously employed, the fact cannot be denied that Doug's 9000+ Twitter followers and his mastery of Social Media marketing propelled his votes to an early and sustained lead.

Sound like cheating? Maybe. But admit it: you wish you could do the same thing, don't you?

Don't miss this special breakout at the Hullabaloo 2010 on April 22nd:

Special Session: "Cheating at Social Media"
by Douglas (aka Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater) Karr

Register for the Hullabaloo 2010 and catch Doug's special breakout session on how to create a social media buzz. Doug will teach you how you can use social media to cause a stir and put your company at center stage. It's not cheating, but it feels like it.

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