For Developers: a Simple API

To suit our simple CRM system, we offer a simple and straight-forward API. Integrate our small business CRM software with other software and processes.

Our API is REST-based, relying on simple POST requests to a specified URL. A variety of simple commands and queries can be performed, each designated by a posted value named "cmd." Responses are XML format and follow an extremely simple schema.

Download the API Documentation
To use the API, you must have an active account. Click Here to download the documentation.

Looking for deeper integration?

If you are interested in providing an add-on or complementary product integrated with AddressTwo, you may qualify to become an Integration Partner and gain access to our plugin "hooks" to integrate your product directly into the AddressTwo interface. Integration Partners qualify to:

  • Add your product into the AddressTwo user interface.
  • Resell AddressTwo licenses in a unified billing to simplifiy product delivery.
  • Benefit from SLA gaurantees.

For more information about becoming an Integration Partner, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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